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Penile Augmentation

There is no rule out there that bigger is better, but for many men, penis size can be a critical factor when it comes to self-esteem and intimacy. The good news is that the male genitalia can now be enhanced non-surgically for most men, whereas previously, they had to accept genetics. Reclaim Men’s Clinic now offers penile augmentation treatment to increase the girth of the penile shaft or the head (glans) with nonsurgical injectable penis fillers. Our noninvasive penile augmentation treatments include administering HA (hydraulic acid) injections to the shaft and glans of your penis to enhance penis size. The results can add an average of 10-20% of girth to your penis, with results that last six months to a year on average.

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Traditional Therapies

Traditionally, penile augmentation has been performed through surgery by releasing the suspensory ligament and inserting a graft of collagen, fat, or a combination of substances. A surgical procedure typically requires general anesthesia, missed workdays, and considerable recovery time.

Our Alternatives

There are now nonsurgical alternatives to penile augmentation. The dissolvable nature of HA (hydraulic acid) filler for penile augmentation is more forgiving than Radiesse® fillers, allowing you to change your mind if you don’t like the change or it becomes too big for your partner. This method can add a 10-20% increase in growth after just one treatment, which you can add later in another treatment if desired.

Penile Augmentation Pricing

(aka: The Starter)

10 mL


Minimum required to see gains. Up to ½” in girth.

(aka: The Confidence Builder)

14 mL


1+ inch IMPRESSIVE gains in girth.

(aka: The “OMG”)

23 mL


The ULTIMATE PACKAGE for maximum girth and length!

Add-on filler options that can be added at the time of the procedure:

Additional Hybrid filler = $1160/syringe
(3 mL of volume)

Additional HA filler = $450/syringe
(1.2 mL of volume)
*Prices subject to change


Radiesse® and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal filler are used for the Penile Augmentation procedure, resulting in a nonsurgical enhancement of penis size. The 2-hour procedure is performed under local anesthesia without incisions.
Typically, 10 mL of product leads to a 1/2″girth increase in the shaft. The patient may want to add more size during the procedure or during the follow-up procedure.
Absolutely! Actually, it is recommended to fill the glans to match the girth of the shaft. Therefore, there is a recommended minimum of 3-4 syringes of filler for this procedure. This is also a treatment for premature ejaculation(PE).
Typically, clients add additional fillers every 4-6 months to maintain the results rather than allowing them to return to baseline after a year.
There are always some risks associated with any injection technique, including bleeding, bruising, and swelling. However, Andy Gucciardo, MSN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC, has a 30+ year background in healthcare, speacializing in men’s health, treating erectile dysfunction, testosterone and growth hormone optimization, preventative disease management, and medical aesthetics, and he’s trained under some of the most reputable plastic surgeons in the industry. During your consultation, we will discuss any possible complications with you.

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NOTE: We have seen increases in dimensions for our Priapus Shot (P-Shot®) patients in the order of 10-20% original size. This is contingent upon pumping exercises during the first 6 weeks post-procedure. If further increase in girth is desired, we can offer augmentation using our augmentation procedure.


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