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Priapus Toxin™ Procedure

If you experience penile retraction in certain situations or are interested in a nonsurgical procedure to increase the size of your penis, Reclaim Men’s Clinic in St. Louis, MO, offers Priapus Toxin™ injections as a solution. Priapus Toxin™ is a genital enhancement procedure for men that involves injecting BOTOX® into the numbed penis to give it a larger appearance and improve erectile dysfunction. With an injection of 100 unit of Botulinum Toxin into the penis, Priapus Toxin™ makes the flaccid resting penis appear bigger by increasing its girth and length due to improved blood flow. The procedure takes around 30 minutes, no surgery is needed, the results are quick, and there is no downtime after treatment.

Benefits of Priapus Toxin™ include:

  • Increase flaccid penis length
  • Increase penis girth
  • Enhance sensitivity and pleasure in sexual activity
  • Safe and effective procedure
  • Non-invasive
  • Improves erectile dysfunction
  • Lasts 6-8 months

Reclaim Men’s Clinic offers Priapus Toxin™ injections to enlarge the appearance of the penis, adding girth and potentially enhancing sexual stimulation. If you are interested in a nonsurgical male enhancement procedure that will give you impressive results with minimal downtime, click the button below to book an appointment!


We also offer a procedure called the P-Shot 100™ (Priapus Shot 100™) procedure. This is the P-Shot® with 100 units of a neuromodulator such as Jeuveau or Botox added to the PRP for even better results.

Recent studies have shown that adding a neuromodulator helps to relax the smooth muscle tone of the penile blood vessels which leads to improved arterial blood flow causing firmer erections. The results are stronger erections and a longer flaccid penis even in guys where PDE5 inhibitors (i.e. Viagra or Cialis) did not work.

The cost is $2787.

For guys that do not want the P-Shot® or have had the P-Shot® and want added benefits of Jeuveau or Botox, they opt for the Priapus Toxin™ Procedure (BoPriapus™ Procedure). This is performed in a similar fashion as the P-Shot® procedure, but no PRP is used. Again, the results are stronger erections and a longer flaccid penis.

The cost is $1797.

Botox has been used for years to soothe the bladder’s smooth muscle with bladder spasms. However, Botox may also loosen the muscle controlling the arteries of the penis past this smooth muscle. As a result, the arteries enlarge in diameter, and more blood flows into the penis – causing improved retention and, perhaps, penile health.

Botox is also known to travel along the axon integrating tissue (this is known to happen when Botox is used to treat migraines.) It could be that this migration of Botox along the ganglion to the controlling axon could increases parasympathetic tone–also contributing to increased firmness of the erection. You can Read more of the Science here

No serious sequelae have been seen with Priapus Toxin™. But, since Priapus Toxin™ uses Botox, and since Botox for ED works by the same mechanism as does Viagra (relaxing the smooth muscle of the arteries in the penis), in theory, any side effect seen with either Botox or with Viagra could happen with the Priapus Toxin™ procedure. For that reason, the consent form includes the same warnings included with consent for those two drugs.

The amount of Botox used. however, when doing Priapus Toxin™ is less than what is used for the treatment of migraines, and less than 1% of the LD50 (the toxic dose) for a 130 pound man.

Since Botox can be mixed and injected in ways that are less safe and less effective than our Priapus Toxin™ procedure method, we highly recommend you find a provider that is a member of the Cellular Medicine Association.

The Priapus Toxin™ procedure alone is unlikely to improve the erect size of the penis (though is may help when combined with other procedures).

The Priapus Toxin™ procedure does improve the size of the flaccid penis by maintaining more blood flow in the flaccid state; this effect, in theory, could help in the recover of the penis post prostate surgery, as well as in overall penis health.

Nothing, including this procedure, works for everyone. Discuss the procedure with your provider & read the consent form which incorporates the possible side effects seen with both Botox and Viagra (since, in theory, the same side effects could occur with Priapus Toxin™).

WARNING: Treating erectile dysfunction is serious business; only providers trained & licensed by the Cellular Medicine Association® (in which we are an active member) can legally use the name, Priapus Toxin™, to describe a procedure offered in the office.


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