Vampire Hair Growth ™ Procedure

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Vampire Hair Growth ™ Procedure

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment

85% of men experience hair loss by age 40, with visible hair loss by age 50. Women also suffer hair loss. Thinning or the loss of hair can take a real emotional toll, yet not everyone wants—or can afford—hair replacement surgery.

Vampire Hair Growth™ at Reclaim Men’s Clinic in St. Louis, Missouri may be the answer!

Stages of Hair Growth | Reclaim Men's Clinic in St. Louis, MO

Stages of Hair Growth

The first phase is the anagen or growth phase. PRP will stimulate the proliferation of the dermal papilla and increase the development of new blood vessels of the dermal papilla.

In the second phase, the catagen or transition phase, PRP will delay apoptosis (cell death) of the dermal papilla cells, allowing hair to grow longer and stronger before it detaches from blood supply at the bulb. This stage lasts around 3 weeks.

Telogen is the third stage of hair growth and is referred to as the resting phase. The hair will remain in the root while new hair begins to develop beneath it.

The exogen or final stage is when new hair will come through the follicle. PRP in this cycle allows the new hair to develop faster in the follicle and nourishes the hairs that preparing to shed, allowing them to remain in the root longer.

The overall affect results in decrease shedding followed by early regrowth and increased length of individual hair.


Vampire Hair Growth™ takes advantage of your body’s natural healing and tissue building abilities by using PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Platelets are special cells in the blood that contain a host of crucial growth factors and proteins that can stimulate hair growth. The procedure is performed the same in all genders.
We first apply a special numbing cream to the scalp. Once numb, we inject small amounts of lidocaine numbing medicine along the front and back scalp to numb the entire region, so the PRP injects are painless. While the numbing medication is taking effect, we draw your blood (just like having a routine blood test). While you wait, we process your blood in our on-site FDA approved centrifuge and concentrate the platelets to make the PRP. Once you’re completely numb, we inject the PRP under the skin on the scalp where we want to stimulate new hair growth.

If you have been completely bald in a given area for 2 years or more, then this treatment will not work. There needs to be at least some active hair follicles that can be stimulated. So, the sooner you start treatment as your hair thins, the better your results will be. Also, if your hormones, such as testosterone, DHT, and estrogen, are out of balance, then we will need to optimize these first. Finally, people who smoke do poorly with ANY regenerative medicine treatment. This is because smoking decreases the amount of blood and oxygen (and therefore the number of nutrients) delivered to the skin and underlying tissues, and also cigarettes introduce a host of toxins and poisons into the body that adversely affects healing.