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Testosterone Levels decrease with age!

Testosterone self-injecting technique

Learn how to safely and nearly painlessly self-inject testosterone for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

The P-Shot® / Priapus Shot® Procedure Demonstrated

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P-Shot®/Priapus Shot® Client Testimonial

A client discusses the P-Shot®/Priapus Shot® Procedure he received at Reclaim Men’s Clinic and how very pleased he is with improvement in sensation and size of penis following the procedure a few weeks prior to the testimonial.

A patient at Reclaim Men’s Clinic discusses his amazing results with the P-Shot® Procedure for treating erectile dysfunction and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

P-Shot® Procedure and TRT Testimonial

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and the P-Shot®

A patient at Reclaim Men’s Clinic discusses how testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has improved his energy and fitness level, and how the P-Shot® Procedure improved his sex life as a results of improved penile sensation, firmer erections, and increased girth and length.